Calice Fyffe

I'm currently working with silk dyes on silk fabric. I discovered my love for silk painting a few years ago when I was looking for an alternative to oil painting. I was researching various styles of painting when I came across some textile artists whose work inspired me. Two master silk painters, Sissi Siska and Suzanne Punch, are experts in the field of silk painting, and I had the opportunity to study with them. Sissi is known for her wax techniques while Suzanne brings an abstract approach to her paintings.

From these artists, I learned about a variety of methods such as the serti technique, underpainting, wax and alcohol. The serti technique involves a painting being outlined in gutta or a water-based resist. When gutta is applied to the silk, it acts as a barrier to prevent the dye from spreading. I utilize both clear and colored gutta in my designs as well as alcohol to add variety to my creations. Working with silk dyes gives me the freedom to create paintings that are both rich in color and intricate in detail.