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Art Opening at Clover's Fine Art Gallery

Hey all,

An art exhibit titled "I Am Woman" that I will be taking part in will open on April 25th, 2014 at Clover's Fine Art Gallery in Brooklyn. The gallery is located at 338 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Opening Reception will be held on Friday, April 25th 6-8pm at Clover's Fine Art Gallery located in downtown Brooklyn - 338 Atlantic Avenue (Hoyt & Smith).

Calice Fyffe creates work as a reflection of the subconscious. Starting with a small charcoal sketch of random shapes, her works transform from shapes with no beginning or end into organic shapes of warm colored oils. Fyffe draws direct inspiration from Salvador Dali and Georgia O’Keeffe, and pays homage to sensuality and motion.

Mona C. Haigler, originally from Port Au Prince, Haiti, is an accomplished impressionist artist whose style can be denoted as surrealist or impressionist-fantastique. Her art practice spans various artist mediums from painting to embroidery and jewelry design.

Laura James has been working as a professional artist and illustrator for over twenty years. In addition to painting sacred images from various religions, she portrays women, families, and scenes of everyday life and blends intricate patterns, text, vibrant colors and sometimes surreal imagery into what she calls “art for the people.” She recently finished illustrating Anna Carries Water, a children’s book set in Jamaica which will be on display at the opening reception.

Carol Montgomery paints water colors of cityscapes and landscapes, and often, she creates them in public space. She also enjoys painting people in their natural environment and draws the viewer to experience the environment from where she is painting.

Roni Sherman Ramos considers art an invitation and creates abstract works in vivid colors that has the nature of landscapes; she draws inspiration from artists like Morandi, Whistler, Turner, Seurat, Kollwitz, Vuillard and Dickinson.

Come meet the artists, enjoy a glass of wine and see this spectacular body of art. Clover’s Fine Art Gallery is located in the historic Atlantic Avenue district, close to the Barclays Center. The exhibition I Am Woman was curated by ­gallery owner, Clover Barrett.

Clover’s Fine Art Gallery is particularly committed to promoting a greater awareness and appreciation of the art and artists of the Caribbean.